Saturday, January 30, 2010

He's Getting So BIG ...AND SO AM I!

Dawson is now OVER 15 months!! I cannot believe how fast the time is FLYING! He now has a pretty adorable vocabulary. Right now he says mama, dada, ball, oh no, oh my, oh BOY, no no no no (usually when he's doing something he knows he's not supposed to do), he also randomly says other words but not very consistently. Some cute little "TRICKS" he does are that right now when you ask him where his baby is he lifts up his shirt and points to his belly. He points to the things he wants like food etc. , he finishes the phrase Old Macdonald had a farm with a BIG "YIYIOOOOOOOOO", He get's snacks out of the fruit snack drawer and brings them to us to open for him. He says the word cookie but it sounds more like toookie. OH THIS IS THE FUNNEST STAGE YET! I love just about every moment. I guess I must also tell the bad part of this stage as we should remember both. He does sometimes throw a fit if we take something away that he is really set on. He will just throw his head back and fall on the floor which is normally followed bu a huge BONK and a little crying. MAN, this kid is one of the most determined children I have ever met. At this point that is a bit of a struggle but I think it will be a very wonderful quality in the future!

This pregnancy is going so quickly I think mainly because I do not have time to think about it. I have been filling in as substitute EA and Secretary for the Othello School District since the end of September and that has been an interesting experience. It has really worked out well for me because on days that I have appointments or haven't felt well I can just say no when they call me to sub. I am really starting to feel uncomfortable. I have always had some bad hips but right now it seems that my hips are separating from my lower back and that my pelvis is cracking in half. I guess it is caused by my body producing too much of the hormone "progesterone" which is the hormone that moves everything down there to prepare for birth. My doctor said the name of the problem which I guess happens to about 1 in every about five women during pregnancy but I cannot remember it... of course. Anyway so other than being humongous and having pain in my hips and pelvis I don't have much time to think about being pregnant.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas, Birthday, New Year, New SUV

Well I have been slacking on my blog the past few weeks I think mainly because an entire week of that I was having fun with my family and especially enjoying the precious time that I had with my sister. I rarely have the chance to spend time with her family so it was a real treat! Anyway the past few weeks have been very eventful. First we bought a new car (picture is just like ours... but not our actual car). This was a much needed purchase as we had been living without a car since Thanksgiving and Dan and Lisa were generous enough to let us borrow one of theirs for that time. I am super excited about the Dodge Durango that we purchased because it has heated leather seats, runner boards (helpful when pregnant), a sweet luggage rack on top... i don't know if I will ever use that but I have always though that they were pretty cool, it has AWD and 4WD which was something that we were really looking for and last but probably the coolest feature of the entire car is that there is a 3rd row seat which means we can fit 7 people in this vehicle... very cool!
Next was Christmas which was very fun! We were very blessed in the gifts that we received and mainly the people we were surrounded by. A little crazy with 9 kids under six in the house but very magical and fun! I was spoiled.
I was spoiled again the following day on my birthday. Chad was very generous and thoughtful on my birthday and I was able to use most of the gift cards I received when I went shopping in Wenatchee with a few of my favorite people Mom, Aletha, Brynlee, and Dawson.
On New Years Eve we invited Tanner Gilbert, Shawna Juarez, Jake, Sariah and Sydney Mattinson and David and Molly Beus over and played games and ate a bunch of junk food. Most of us stayed up until midnight (David and Molly I am disappointed in you... I stayed up and I am huge pregnant)
Anyway, so I guess you could say we had a really great holiday break.