Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Boy Names Anyone?

Okay, so I am in need of some name ideas... We are beginning to freak out that we cannot agree on any names with less than 2 months to go.

Please... Please help us out and send us your ideas for baby boy names.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Still Losing

Here we go again... thought I'd update on my life the past little while. Thursday I had my Doctor's appointment which went pretty well, I asked my doctor a ton of questions about the whole process leading up to labor, the actual labor and a short period of time afterwards. We discussed options for drugs etc. I have been a little nervous about all of that since in Othello they do not offer any classes besides parenting classes which doesn't really help me at this point in time. He assured me that we would get though it without classes and gave me the names of a few books that might help any anxiety I may have. The other news not so great was that at my previous appointment I had lost 1 pound not super normal at this point in pregnancy but not anything to worry about either. Well, this appointment being only 2 weeks later I found out that I have lost 3 more pounds. This was a concern for Dr. Schroff. I told him that I totally changed my diet after having those attacks and that I was eating as much as I can of what doesn't bother me. After measuring my stomach to find I am measuring correctly, he came to the conclusion that this time It was okay to lose that weight but if the streak continues we'll have to check the baby's weight through ultrasound. So at this point in time I have gained 11 pounds my entire pregnancy and ideally I should be weighing at about 17 pounds.

Enough about that... We went to the Jack Johnson concert. It was very fun of course, however it was not the most amazing concert I have ever been to. I do not think that it helped that everyone around us was smoking marijuana and blowing it directly in my nose which of course was making me nervous and distracting me... after a while I think Chad was starting to get nervous too because he wanted to walk around which was fine with me. I was beginning to get very uncomfy sitting on the grass. My tailbone is super sensitive now days, as I am sure you can relate to if you have ever been pregnant. None-the-less I was very glad that we went and Jack Johnson still has some of the most amazing music I have ever heard!

On Saturday I went to Ephrata to visit my family and as you can see I hung out with Wesley for a bit, spent some quality time with Arianne and went to see my Grandma Chamberlain. :) GOOD TIMES!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chicago Concert

Okay, so as you can see we had quite the evening last night. Chad, my parents, and I went over to see Chicago play in Kennewick. It was not only an amazing concert we had a really great time with my parents as we don't see them as often as we'd like to. Tomorrow is Chad 24th birthday and we are all very excited about that, I also have another doctor appointment... To top off our amazing and crazy week, on Friday evening we have tickets to go see the Jack Johnson concert at the Gorge... we have been waiting months for that one, I am sure you will see another blog about it as he is pretty much my favorite person in the world!! All I can say is Chad is lucky he found me before Jackie J. swept me off my feet.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


L-R: Brad Hirai, Eric Bozorth, Chels, Me, David Andersen. Relaxing before a big game.
L-R: (Back Row)Brad Hirai, Kevin Criddle, Jeremy Stout, Blair Cox, Tony Villarreal, Chad, Todd Gilbert. (Front Row) Tony Langdon, Tanner, David Andersen, Eric Bozorth.
Happy after the big win.

We went to the Washington State Softball tournament this weekend and we won! We won 5 games in a row to win it all. With the team we currently have, we've won 3 tournaments and haven't lost a game, 13-0. 15 of the top church affiliated teams went to this tourney and we thought we had a good shot. Chels and I went up with Todd, Charee, and Grady on Friday and we stayed in a nice holiday inn in puyallup. We had a game late friday night and it ended crazy. We were tied with a man on 2nd and 1st with one out. Blair hit a grounder to the shortstop who tossed it to the 2nd baseman to turn a double play. The 2nd baseman ended up chucking the softball right into Kevin's head about 5 feet away from him! There was a loud smack and the ball went straight up in the air. Tony Langdon ended up scoring and we won. Kevin is ok, turns out he has the worldest hardest head and there wasn't even hardly a bump the next day. Chelsea was really happy the whole weekend because her husband is such a stud AND the new Stephenie Meyer book "Breaking Dawn" came out. She is currently on page 465 and she has had the book 33 hours.....Anyway, we won 3 games to get to the championship and honestly we didn't even hit that well, our defense carried us. The championship game was awesome. I started off the day with a solo home run to left, our teams first of the tourney. They ended up scoring 7 their first time up to bat, so we were down 7-1 and throughout the game we slowly chipped away at the lead. David Andersen(Bash Brother #1) hit an in the park home run in the 6th to put us up by one. Tanner ended the game with the play of the day. He dove to his right and from his butt tossed the ball to Tony to barely get the out and we won the championship. Jeremy was our MVP, he had a great tourney. Eric Bozorth, Me, Tanner, and Brad Hirai were the other All-stars. We have a northwest national tournament coming up in september....hopefully the magic will continue!