Wednesday, April 29, 2009

6 Month Check-Up

My handsome little Dawson was 6 months old on April 17th... CRAZY! Anyway in the last 2 months it seems that he has just grown up so much. Yesterday he had his check-up and it just hit me how much he has really changed since the last time I was there. He is so close to crawling he gets so frustrated that he cannot get around especially when a toy is just out of his reach... He laughs so much now it is the cutest thing. It is rare to see him not smiling. How did we get so lucky to have such a happy baby?? When he is not feeling well it is very obvious. Like yesterday after his shots he was fevering quite a bit and he was so lethargic and fussy, he'd been a little sick the day before I think he was a little too close to his ill cousin, Gavin last week and with the shots on top of that yesterday was no fun at all.
Above is a photo of him in his little bath tub with the ducks strategically placed. I always give him a bath after his immunizations as they say it can help their legs to not feel so sore. You can see his little crayon band aids SO CUTE! When I was little I always wanted to wear band aids so I figure I'll leave them on him for a day or two, I am sure he doesn't care either way but for some reason I just feel like he would want to keep them on longer... I know it's weird.
So Chad has this thing where he just thinks that Dawson is always too hot in his little sleepers so he zips the front down half way... well this is what I came home to the other day... What was Chad thinking?? I am not really that sure Dawson does have Eczema just like his mommy NO FUN and I believe that he was having some skin issues on this day maybe that was the reasoning behind the lack of shirt. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cute!
So at 6 months Dawson is 27.5 inches tall and 18.1 lbs. In his weight he is in the 50% and in his height he is in the 75% so... it is exactly opposite from when he was 3 months old... Funny how those things can change so much!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


So... things have been pretty awesome on my surprise trip to Utah. I have been able to spend time with a few of my very favorite people.
We went to a really fun place called Kangaroo Zoo this place with a ton of huge blow up slides and jump toys.
Here are three of my favorite people in the world I was lucky enough to give them a little horse ride.

Here is Dawson with Aletha, she is so crazy he thinks she's so funny.

We are loving the sun! The weather has been so amazing here.

Dawson is loving it! I think that he is missing his daddy though... I have been saying Dada to him for a while now and he is finally repeating it every once in a while... It is the cutest thing.

Dawson loves his cousin's. Gavin is always hugging on him even to the point of tears at times... I wish he understood how much he is loved.

I was able to spend a little time with my roommate from college Ashlee Swenson. She is pretty much amazing! This fine young lady is available if you know anyone who may be interested. She is working as an accountant in Spanish Fork SHE'S FREAKING AWESOME! LOVE HER!

It's been so great to be back with this amazing family for a while! We were able to do a few pictures as you can see...

It was a very cool location... I love UTAH everything is a background everything is beautiful.

Oh I love this boy!

DADDY (Chad), we miss you we will be home soon! can't wait to give you a BIG smooch!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Chad had braces as a teen. Since then his teeth have moved significantly. He decided to check into his options for getting them back to the way they were after he first got them removed. He went back to see the orthodontist and today he is yet again wearing braces. He only has to wear them for 6 weeks which we were happy about.

On another more exciting note... CHAD SURPRISED ME WITH A TRIP TO UTAH. When I say surprise, that is what I mean. I found out last night that I am leaving tomorrow for a 10 day trip to my sister's home in Lindon. I AM SO EXCITED to see my sister and her family. She is my BEST FRIEND and I get to see her very little. Not only did he surprise me with a trip he moved all of my prior engagements he changed and AtHome America party that I had scheduled, moved a doctor appointment for Dawson, arranged for my church class to be taught, picked up a birth certificate for Dawson to be able to fly with me and contacted the paper that I just started working for and told them I couldn't' make it next week and who knows what else... I thought that was so thoughtful and what other man in the world would have thought to not only arrange a surprise trip but takes care of every other engagement before even telling you about going?!! I AM SOOO... IMPRESSED! GOOD JOB CHADDY!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Want to Be Like Glenn!

So Chad and I really, REALLY like Glenn Beck... so today I took a picture of Dawson in his really cool Glenn Beck shirt that he received from Santa for Christmas and I emailed it to Glenn. I thought it was so cute so I am sharing it with you all. I think it would be really neat if he emailed me back but I understand that he receives thousands of emails a day and he may not get back to me.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Stroll Through The Park

Today after General Conference we decided to take a little family walk through the park and take a few pics of our sweet boy. He's so cute as you can see... the walk was really nice, we had a great time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Yummy Baby Food

Dawson has had one meal of baby food for a couple of weeks now he likes it MOST DAYS other days he just wants "mommy food". He is also getting 2 more teeth. He will soon have all four front teeth... I think it's really cute but I am not really looking forward to it for obvious reasons. OUCH!