Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Standing Already?!

Can this be true?! I feel like I just had this cute little kid! He is on the verge of walking and he actually took a step or two last night before falling on his face but he is still pretty unsure of this new upright position and balance thing. This is the first picture that captured this new milestone... I feel like he's progressing so quickly at this point, it seems that he has a new trick daily. Exciting and kinda sad.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Family Photos

My friend Sabrina is so amazing at so many things she even likes to do photos now and then (mainly of her 2 beautiful girls) so I asked her if she might be interested in taking a few much needed photos of our family. Here are just a few... Thank you, thank you, Sabrina! You are the best!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

9 Month Appointment & More

Yesterday was Dawson's 9 month appointment at CBHA. Turns out he is 19.9 pounds, 28.5 inches tall and doing very well physically and right on target mentally. All of this we pretty much knew but it is always reassuring to hear a professional tell you that things are well with your child.

On another note... we are happily poor right now due to me living the dream of being a stay at home mommy, so... my mom gave me a much needed FREE hair cut a couple of weeks ago. She always cut my hair growing up because I had a hard time trusting anyone else (the one time that I had someone else cut my hair, I hated it). Since then I have had some really really great people cut/color my hair and have just loved it but due to hard economical times my amazing, very talented mom was the natural choice. I love it, thanks mom! So this morning I decided that I needed to do something about my 8 month old roots... I decided to change things up quite a bit... so as you can see in the photo above... my hair is brown, I decided I love that too! Not only that but Chad says I am smokin' HOTT, so that is also a perk.
Lastly, Chad is begging me to let him share a little something so without further ado this is from Chad:
I read this on a banana laffy taffy yesterday and it wasn't half bad:
Q:Why do Melons always have big weddings? A:Because they Cantaloupe.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Little Trailer Walker

We have ourselves a little "trailer walker" I guess I am not quite sure of what to call this new milestone. Dawson's new favorite thing is to walk around the living room behind his little toy walker. It is the cutest thing and he just always looks up at me with a huge smile like he is just so happy with himself and his accomplishment. He takes such large steps like he is walking through tall grass it is so cute! I never want to forget these cute little moments. Every little thing this kid does melts my heart. Love him, love him! He will have his 9 month appointment this month and I cannot wait to see how much he's actually changed I swear I look at him and think to myself that he's grown another inch overnight... he's just getting so tall. He's not my little baby anymore he's a kid!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Life Goes On & On

Shawna and Mari have been coming over during the day quite a bit to visit Dawson... Shawna was a friend of Chad's growing up and we have since become great friends. She and her sister have grown very attached to Dawson. They love visiting and I love the company and break from entertaining Dawson alone as well. Anyway, we took these pictures: Playing the piano is one of Dawson's favorite activities and he just began to stick out his tongue I think it is so cute!
Yep, he loves that piano! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Chamberlain!