Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday/Newyear/Anniversary Etc...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAM!! Today is the birthday of one of my favorite girls in the entire world my niece Kambria... she is now 4 years old AHH!!! It seems like I was just watching Brynlee while Aletha was in the hospital giving birth to this girl and now she is 4 and an older sister herself... This girl is such a little mommy she is constantly feeding/taking care of her baby dolls and helping her mommy with little brother Gavin! LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH... I wish we lived closer!

Happy Anniversary Brian & Aletha!

Today is also the 8th Anniversary of Brian & Aletha's Wedding, I know it's crazy that they had a baby on their anniversary!! These two people are amazing I had the opportunity to live with them for a bit and they are both so amazing and their love is so real I had so much fun living with them and am so grateful that I had that opportunity! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday & Happy New year!

We were very blessed this Christmas! I received a Cricut cutter which I am so excited about along with many other things. Chad & Dawson also received many things we were all so blessed. I also had a great Birthday I cannot believe that I am 24 years old YIKES! This year has brought so many amazing things I cannot wait to see what the upcoming year brings.

Christmas day at Grandma Audrey's & Grandpa Dave's house

Dawson's new outfit courtesy mommy

Janica Wood's Wedding Reception

David & Molly's Wedding Reception

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas & 2 Month Photos

Merry Christmas everyone!! This is our Christmas card we sent out this year I thought we should share it with everyone. Some of you may have received this by mail as well. I really hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas this year.
2 month photos:

This was in the beginning I was a little worried how this would go since he fell asleep as I was setting up!
For some reason I cannot turn this on here and it is correct in my files so whatever... very cute though.

This too...

Looks like he's in deep thought...

Oh.... So cute! Let me know which is your favorite I need to print a 16x20... cannot decide which one...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2 Months Old Already!?!!

Dawson is officially 2 months old today, I cannot believe it! We went to the doctor today and I couldn't believe he is 12 lbs. 11 oz. and 23 inches already. For his height he is in the 50th percentile and for his weight he is in the 75th percentile. Needless to say, the doctor is not worried about him eating enough. He received his vaccinations today I was happy that the nurse was Mary Gardner a friend from church, it gave me a little more comfort than I think I would have had with anyone else... Dawson cried for just a minute it was really sad but I didn't even cry, I am so proud of myself. I will be taking some new pictures of him within the next week but until then... above are a few little snap shots with his daddy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My brother Todd and his wife Shana had their 3rd baby last night at 8:32 p.m. She weighed 7 lb 11 1/2 oz and is 19 inches long. !! We are all very excited for them! She is adorable totally looks like her daddy! They named her Ella Rose which is pretty fun because my middle name is Rose as well and we are named after the same person!! So exciting! So I couldn't believe how much Dawson has grown after seeing and holding Ella, she is even a little bigger than he was and she is so tiny! Anyway, Shana looks great and I was able to catch them at the hospital right before they left for home I couldn't believe that they were headed home so soon after, exciting news!! CONGRATS CHAMBERLAIN FAMILY!!! Love you guys!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All Smiles!!

This is what I get every single morning... How can you not love your life when you have such a sweet little guy to spend your days with??

Happy Birthday Todd!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODD! Okay, so I hope that my brother Todd knows how I feel about him, but since it is his birthday today I thought that I would share a bit. When I was little Todd was the one that always treated me well! It may have been the fact that he was 10 years older than me and I was the baby girl for 6 years but I always loved Todd with a different kind of love than the others! He had a bunch of nicknames for me some were based on teasing etc. "Chappy" (Due to the fact that I always had chapped lips and I am not talking about just a little dry I am talking ... you know when you see those kids that have like a ring around their lips making them look like a clown... yeah that was me!) With Todd, I always knew that he was teasing out of pure love! I remember sitting next to the door listening to him scream along to Brian Adams in his room such an awesome memory. I remember running to him when I needed protection from one of my other siblings, he would always protect me. To this day we still have little inside "booger" jokes! Todd is such a caring person with such a soft heart! He is an amazing dad, it is so fun to watch him with his children & with mine too, he is so much fun! LOVE YOU TODDY WODDY PODDY!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Off to Church...

This was a photo of us after church on Sunday. Every Sunday it is a challenge for me I teach the 12-14 year old young women at church... so I am trying to finish preparing a lesson, get everyone ready and get out the door by 10:20 which normally you wouldn't think would be a challenge but it always seems like I need to sleep longer on Sunday mornings... So yeah we are still attending church every Sunday but not without a little chaos in the mornings. Isn't Dawson such a little cutie in his little Christmas church outfit?!!!Oh, and his little angelic look in that photo... LOVE IT, LOVE THAT BOY!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally Caught A Smile

We try to keep our little aim and shoot camera near at all times because since about 4 weeks old, Dawson has been smiling at us. More recently has been a little more predictable and you really can almost make it happen. To juggle the camera and Dawson and click at the correct time can be a little tricky. This morning I was laying in bed with him up against my legs and just getting him to smile and caught a little one on camera. There were many others much bigger but I was just so excited to get this one. I thought I would share my exciting moment with you!