Friday, September 26, 2008

One Lucky Kid!

Last night I came to the realization that our family is very loved! This kid is coming into a world of people that love him so much before they even know him. I had my baby shower in Othello, Lisa and Dena did an amazing job in preparing this shower, Dena's house was gorgeous and of course, I knew that she was talented but she has another talent that discovered... She can make gorgeous cakes!! Wow, I was so impressed! And of course Lisa had everything so organized and the games were really fun compared to many shower games I have experienced. Anyway, so many people attended and everyone was so generous! We definitely are blessed! I feel so much more prepared after that shower and I am so looking forward to the next as I am sure it will be just as amazing! When I think of the love and generosity that those around me show, I just feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and family. Thanks to everyone that attended or plans to attend the one in Ephrata. Love you all!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

YEAH for Dr. Schroff!!!

Okay... so today Dr. Schroff said something at my appointment that made me VERY happy! He told me that if I had my baby anytime from this point on everything would be fine!! So I am thinking the sooner the better, would anyone like to go for a run?? So that was a joke, obviously, I will not be running anytime soon.

Life at the Davis household is pretty much amazing to say the least... not much going on to be perfectly honest! I cannot wait for my baby showers!! Lisa Davis along with Dena Ashton are having a shower next week in Othello for my sweet baby and The one in Ephrata that Shana & Lindy are having is coming up in the next few weeks sometime as well. I am really excited to feel a bit more prepared for this whole thing... I am beginning to feel a bit nervous to be completely honest, this is something I have never experienced before and I have never been this scared and excited all at the same time. I feel so ready and yet very unprepared and "in the dark"about so many things.

My sweet boy is moving like crazy and I think he will be just as active as his daddy is. If you didn't know, Chad happens to be one of the most active people I have ever met. He has been involved in sports his entire life and seems to be very gifted at anything he tries. He participates in city league softball,Wednesday night and Saturday morning basketball, he gets up just about every morning to work out at the gym, he is beginning city league flag football in Pasco soon, he'll take anyone on in a pick up game of anything at any point in time and when he is not playing sports he is watching sports, when he is not playing or watching sports he is giving his brother tips on sports and strategies etc. and when he is not doing that he is managing his fantasy sports online or researching or reading about sports online or in his many sports magazines that he receives. He has a bit of an obsessive personality, but that's okay because he's obsessed with me as well he thinks I am a hottie! Even when I am huge and pregnant.

Chad has this fear that he will be in the restroom nauseous or that he will pass out... I personally think he will be fine but just in case I have asked for my very calm nurse mother to be in the room with me as well she will be the calming factor if Chad is hysterical. My mom is so amazing!! Wow,okay so that is a novel hope you got through all of that!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

50 More Days... Are You KIDDING Me???

We have 50 more days until the expected arrival of our cute little baby boy... I cannot wait! There are so many reasons that I am looking forward to that day, I will share a few.

1. Obviously I am very excited to be a mommy!
2. I cannot wait to see what my sweet boy will look like.
3. I am excited to lay on my stomach even though I don't think I really did that much before!
4. I am excited to sleep without waking up 5+ times to pee.
5. I will get to stay home from work for 3 months Whoo Hoo!! Huge Blessing!
6. And, oh my gosh!!! I am just so excited to have this baby!! After all of this time and preparing, I am so ready for him to come.

Yeah for babies!!! anyway I am beginning to get very uncomfy! I have appointments every two weeks right now and starting the 30th, I go every week. My back is constantly in pain, I cannot lift up my left leg for anything, Chad has to help me to dress in the morning, get out of bed and get into the car among many other things. I went and spent a little time with my mom the other day and had her paint my toenails since they were beginning to look atrocious and I obvously cannot paint them. Chad tried the other day to paint my toenails for me and it was a complete joke, bless him for trying though. Work is getting to be a bit long for me to be up and around and my goal is to pretty much go into labor there so that I have more time after I have the baby at home. You know I really shouldn't complain, I have what seems to be a healthy baby, and I have had minimal problems up to this point so it is hard not to complain sometimes but I guess I just need to count my many blessings... Yeah for 7 more weeks!!