Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Belly Shot

Hello again! This is Chelsea. Thought I would give everyone a little update. I am beginning to feel normal again other than the little tummy that I am getting it seems that it (my tummy) is coming very quickly. I am only (as you can see by the cute little baby counter I added above) just over 9 weeks. One day when I feel semi-cute maybe I will snap a picture of my little baby bump so that those of you that do not see me very often can see just how quickly this little bump is truly coming along... I have another appointment with Dr. Schroff on April 3rd. I am excited to see how things are going. At this point I really hope nothing happens as this baby has already become a huge part of my life. On another note, I have decided to advertise in our little local paper here for my photography so I can try to get in as many appointments as possible before the baby comes. This will be difficult as I work full time but Chad and I have talked and decided most people want pictures when it is convenient for them too... like evenings and weekends which just happens to be what I am available as well. So of course the calls are my only hang up as I generally cannot answer my cell phone when I am at work... I am still trying to work on that little problem. We'll figure something out I am sure... Anyway this is very exciting to me because I just bought a new camera. It is a Fuji Finepix S3 Pro it is the second in an amazing line of Fuji Pro products and I love it! It was a huge investment but I am sure it will pay itself off very soon. This week was a tough work week for me but I have decided that life goes on no matter what you have going, it will never pause or stop and things inevitably pass. Thank goodness for that. I have 2 more performances of the Sound of Music today... these are our last. I am afraid that I will not know what to do with myself and although I am sure I will feel a void in my life, I am also sure there are many things I have put off and sacrificed that I am ready to get back to doing. So on that note I love you all! Chelsea

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Selection Sunday

I am trying to get some homework done but Chelsea has been telling me to put a blog up on here. I have been a bachelor for the past few weeks while Chels has been putting in crazy hours for her play, her first 2 performances went well. I didn't get my normal 3 hour sunday nap in so hopefully I can make it through the week. This wednesday we are going to see the sonics play the spurs and I am pretty excited about that. I'll post more next time, I have to finish a paper.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Slideshow The First 2 Years

So I figured I would add a slideshow to honor our first two years of marriage since our Anniversary is next week already!! I cannot believe it these past two years have flown by... Crazy how sometimes I feel that I have been married my whole life and others it seems that We are just starting out. Anyway We are proud that we have made it this far and plan to stick it out for the next few at least (by next few I guess what I really mean is for eternity) Love you all.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Our First Baby Appointment & Portrait

Okay so I waited as long as I felt that I could for Chad to post a blog... I wanted to post something before I forgot what had happened. So Friday we had our appointment and as you can see we also had our first ultrasound. I was great because he said that I was about 7.5 weeks along which was about a week and a half further than I thought I was. That was exciting for me since i have a feeling that I am not going to want this to go on any longer than it has to. I have been feeling a little weird recently I think I have realized that I don't feel good when I haven't eaten in the past hour or so... I am nervous to not have anything on my stomach because it seems that is when I get to felling sick. Anyway the Doctor that I went to is amazing! I felt that he would have stayed there and answered questions that I had all night if I had wanted to... he is really great! I think Chad even really liked him. I found out that my "official" due date is October 23. I was glad to know that he will induce me if I go much over. I am starting to get a little nervous knowing that this is all for real now. I watched the show "Bringing Home a Baby" the other day and saw a lady give birth naturally and right then and there decided that was not for me. I will be asking for drugs ASAP. The doctor told me that It is normal to worry about everything because of the pregnancy that it would cause me to overthink things and just worry about everything... I have found that is very true... if I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom which seems to be happening a lot more recently, I have a hard time going back to sleep. Anyway we are very excited!

Another thing that is going on in our lives right now is that we are looking to buy a home. It seems that there are not any apartments available for rent that have more than 1 bedroom, and the ones that are available are just as much as buying a home... I guess it just makes more sense to buy at this point. We will be looking at another home to day this one seems to have great potential :) We will tell you more once we know. Love you all!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Last Year Through Now

Hello Friends and Family,

So if you have come to this page you must know us and think that we are pretty much amazing! We have decided to create a blog since we have many friends who would like to stay updated on our latest news (or just to document our lives, whatever works) The latest of that news is that we found out on 21st that we will have an addition our little family. We have our first Doctors appointment on Friday March 7th in Kennewick with Dr. Schroff. He is apparently a great doctor I have had many friends reccommend him as he goes out of his way to make you feel like your baby will be safe and healthy, which just happens to be what our main concern is at this point. We are at this point expecting our little addition in October however should know more after Friday. I have felt pretty decent so far however, I have heard from many people that the worst is yet to come and I am ready for the challenge as we feel very blessed to even have the opportunity to raise a child. Other things that are going on in our lives right now besides the everyday mundane stuff is well, I am currently preparing for The Sound of Music that our little Othello Theatre Guild is putting on. I have landed the role as Sister Berthe. Our performances are on March 14,15,21 and 22. I am a little nervous.

I guess I should update you on what has happened the last year for those of you that we do not chat with regularly, I am working for the City of Othello as an Administrative Assistant to the City Administrator and doing photography every chance I get and Chad is working for Sloan-Leavitt insurance here in Othello and he just loves the people that he works with. Last year for our anniversary we went on a cruise to Mexico and loved every second of it we were planning on going this year but plans have changed since we now feel that we need to save up for our upcoming adventure. Chad is also of course involved in anything sports-related going on at the moment (I am sure you are not surprised if you know him at all) last year he was involved in all fantasy sports, watching every game imaginable on TV and in person, community league softball here in Othello, another softball league in Pasco and flag football in Pasco where he managed to tear whatever was holding his knee cap on and had to take an ambulance trip to the Lady of Lordes Hospital ER in Pasco. Very exciting! Oh man, I just realized that our lives aren't really that exciting. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy hearing about our lives. I am really going to try to keep this up as I should be documenting my life somewhere. This seems a bit easier than a traditional journal.
p.s. I will be adding some photos soon!