Thursday, June 25, 2009

8 Months & More...

Dawson was 8 months old on the 17th. He began to crawl that day as well. I cannot believe the progress that he's made in just a short amount of time. He is getting around the house so quickly now and pulling himself up on everything. Yesterday I set him down on the living room floor and walked into the kitchen to get a bottle of water and walked right back into the living room. He was climbing up our entertainment center... It really scared me to think that could have fallen on top of him. Anyway, I guess I will no longer be leaving him alone even for just a few seconds.Cute little 8 month photos...

I feel like I need to get more creative with my pictures of him... it just seems like such a hassle when I am trying to get him to smile while holding my camera. Maybe I can get Chad to help me one of these days. I have so many ideas.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I have the BEST daddio! He is one of those dad's that you never really understood how much LOVE he really has for you until you get older. My dad will do anything for me and I really wish I would have understood that when I was younger... I really could have used that to my advantage.
So I really began to understand and appreciate my dad when I began with him my senior year of high school. My dad has the best sense of humor of anyone that I know. I may think that because we are so on the same page when it comes to funny stuff. We are both always thinking of how to shock people with a quick witted off-color response. He and I are also more alike than I would have ever thought growing up. He is very stubborn... guess who now has that trait?!
Another thing that I actually really enjoy sharing with my dad is our business-minded drive to constantly find new ways to make money with things we enjoy doing. It seems we always have some big idea to share with one another that we will make millions at. He is always willing to listen and encourage me when I come to him with my BIG dreams when others may not... I think he just understands my thinking.
I love that he just calls me sometimes when he really has nothing to say just because he misses me and wants to check in to see how things are going. My dad is also a wonderful grandpa... I think that sometimes when we get together I find myself thinking he loves those kids way more than he ever loved us... I am sure this is not true... but I remember a time when I was running through the house screaming and covering my butt because dad gave the much deserved "HARD SPANKINS" (in opposition to mom's where we'd laugh so hard the entire time) although I only remember maybe one occasion where he actually had to spank me. I remember playing hide and seek for family night and he was always the best at hiding... My dad is very talented in so many ways. I really enjoy my dad and his personality I really do think that some of the very best things about me, I got from my dad! LOVE YOU DADDIO!
Chad is an amazing father! Of all the things that Chad does in his life this is the thing that I admire the most! He is so loving with Dawson! He is constantly coming up with new little nicknames "Jittle Sros", "Sroston" or "Jittle Daws". He gets so excited at every single new thing that Dawson does. Dada was Dawson's first "word" (sound) and Chad was so proud of him! When Dawson first sat up Chad was his biggest fan and when he began to crawl Chad took a break from work just to come witness it with his own eyes. Chad sees such greatness in Dawson and is already trying to work with him on catching/throwing a ball. With such an talented, athletic, supportive and involved father, I cannot imagine that Dawson will ever fail at anything. (It doesn't hurt that Dawson has such an amazing mother either). Chad I love you so much for the amazing father that you are to our son!

Chad's dad Dan is also a wonderful father in our lives! Dan has always been very involved and encouraging to Chad. If I could have picked a father for Chad I don't think I could have found a better one than Dan. They really are the perfect match, they "get each other" in a way that everyone else just looks around and says "what the... huh... that didn't make any sense" but they both understand each other perfectly. Dan fathers Chad in a way that Chad perfectly responds to... especially when dealing with sports, coaching issues, music and random useless trivia. Dan is also a very loving and involved grandfather. He always denies the fact that Dawson can do anything until he sees it with his own two eyes... it's really kind of cute! Happy Father's Day to a wonderful Father, Father-in-law and Grandpa!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Are You FREAKING Kidding Me!!??!?..."

That is what I said when I walked into the living room...

We had an awesome day at church today. I have a feeling Heavenly Father was making up for what we would find when we got home... We walked in the door and walked directly back to Dawson's room to lay him down for a short nap. We then walked into our room to change and get stuff ready to head over to the Dan and Lisa Davis home for our Sunday lunch. I walked out into the living room when I saw it... URG! How frustrating. Apparently what happened was that our neighbor hit a sprinkler head with the lawn mower broke it and never said anything to the owner of our apartments. At two o'clock every morning the sprinklers come on and the sprinkler head was spraying water directly into a vent near the roof of our apartment; which then went into our ceiling and the ceiling dropped right into our living room... WHAT A MESS!
( This was us last night enjoying our mess free home after a day in the sun watching Chad play softball in which he did amazing yesterday by the way... not ever thinking of what might happen the following day.)

Of course Kevin (landlord) came over to temporarily fix the huge hole until he can really get in there and go to work. We spent the majority of this afternoon just getting the living room back to the point where we can at least function (Thanks for the help Dan!). Needless to say, my entire house is full of this nasty powdery dust and as I tried to clean the majority of it, I have a feeling I will be spending at least a few hours tomorrow and a few in the next couple of weeks just getting this crud under control.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Graduation Weekend

This past weekend my little brother Wes graduated. The family got together and a good time was had by all. We missed you Leth!! It began to storm just about an hour before the graduation was scheduled to begin and the lighting was super scary so they delayed the graduation about an hour until the storm passed over but it was nice and quick and I was sad that I didn't take my nice camera in but I didn't want to chance it with the rain... so here are a few pics from the little camera...Congrats Wes!

We also were able to attend a dance recital for Arianne. She did so great and looked so pretty!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We Love Summer!

I just love summer this year! I am not in an office unable to enjoy the nice weather. It is so fun now that I am at home to run over to the park with Dawson and push him on the swing, he loves it! We tried on his swimsuit today and I snapped a few pics... I also got him saying dada on video but only on my phone. I have not been able to send it to my email or download it... I will find a way it is so cute! I thought the last photo on that strip was so funny I was totally laughing when I saw him do that, he was almost growling.

This sweet boy is so handsome in his mama's eyes... look at that perfect face! Love you sweet boy!! You will also notice the lines from his sunglasses. I thought it was to cute to just photoshop out. Anyway, I cannot wait to take him swimming... he loves his baths so I am sure he'll love the pool!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some New Wheels

Today I went and traded in the Jetta with 115,000 + for a Focus with very few miles! Now Chad and I each have a Ford Focus. For those of you who know my Jetta... this has been a long time coming. I had a hard time getting rid of the thing up until now because I didn't want to sell it to anyone that I knew. What a relief that it is now gone forever! Ahhhh!! I cannot believe that "cancer of a car" is out of my hair!

My wonderful daddio met with me to make sure I didn't get screwed... and in fact as we worked together I got a screaming deal! We are a pretty good team! Yeah for car dealers that don't drive you crazy! I must say I had a good & short experience this time around!