Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dawson's Pre-School Interview

Today we had "the interview" the dreaded "I hope my child behaves perfectly with each given scenario and responds appropriately to every question asked" situation. Well... I guess as can be expected Dawson was a little shy at first which I was a little annoyed by BUT okay with. Almost too quickly though, he became comfortable and began to show off in a not-so-awesome way. He was so crazy. Here I am trying to prove to Ms. Michelle that my child is ready, 1 year early, to attend pre-school and NOW he has reverted back to throwing crayons, running in circles and talking in baby babble. Luckily, there were a few moments where he showed his potential namely the moment where she asked him what he had drawn for her and he explained that his spirally crayon mess was "a house with daddy standing next to it" AND when she handed him a book and he instantly began to identify each object, carefully turning each page one at a time explaining in detail what was happening on each page. At the moment when I thought yeah this is starting to go well... he jumps down from his chair running in circles. Honestly, I kept thinking to myself "she has got to be more impressed with sweet little one year old Jett who was behaving (in my opinion) charmingly". URG! Dawson, what a stinker... I think she could tell that I was a bit frustrated by the situation because she kept assuring me that it always ends up working out and the children usually do better when their parents are gone. When we arrived home after the interview I found myself feeling upset and overwhelmed by frustration with the situation that had just occurred. AND THEN... I was reminded that he is STILL only 2 and that I was possibly expecting too much out of him. The thing about it is... that he has moments where he SO MUCH impresses me with how he behaves, what he says and the things that he somehow knows, that I forget that he is still just a toddler.

The Zoo & The McEwens

I have been trying to get this up for a while now and decided I just need to do it. Shortly after moving to Kennewick we met a family that was very much similar to our own Chad and Brandon (or as Alyssa and I refer to them as "the boyfriends" to each other) are both obsessed with sports and have many similar interests, Dawson and Jaxson are both very busy and enjoy playing (wrestling) together love each other so much, Jett and Jaggar were bound to be the best of friends with their laid back personalities and Alyssa... well what can I say about the two of us... we are pretty much both amazing and truly became the best of friends in a very short period of time. It makes me sad to type this because they have since moved to Utah. For our last hurrah trip we decided to take the 3 day weekend last month and make a trip to Portland and visit the zoo with our families. Our boys (especially Jaxson) are obsessed with animals/dinosaurs and we believe it was pure fate that the dinosaur exhibit opened the exact day that we visited. We had a really fun weekend with our friends and then we came home to the reality that they were really moving... it came much to quickly and they are now gone. I still talk to Alyssa almost daily but I feel sadness each time Dawson says "I want to play with Jaxson" which has since changed to "We can't play with Jaxson... he moved!" which makes me even more sad. One thing that brings me comfort is that we have vowed to visit one another and vacation together... you don't lose good friends. We LOVE the McEwens!